Renewable technology – Could this be the way forward for you? An Air Source Heat Pump uses the outside colder air and amazingly transforms it into warmer energy to heat your home.

This new technology can help save the environment and help save money on your energy bills.

How do air source heat pumps work?

Heat from the air is absorbed at low temperature into a fluid. This fluid passes through a compressor, increasing the temperature, and transfers that higher temperature heat to the heating and hot water circuits of the house.

There are two main types of ASHP: air-to-water and air-to-air. Choosing an air-to-water or an air-to-air system will determine the type of heat distribution system you need.

It may sound confusing however you will have our experience at hand to explain it all to you when we come and see you. You just need to think of this as your fridge at home just the wrong way around. Using colder air from outside to heat your home on the inside.

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