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See below our ever expanding gallery of videos, including installs, testimonials and corporate introductions.

Who we are

Managing Director, Lewis John, goes in depth and explains the ethos of CES and what CES can do for you.

First time central heating, Minehead, Somerset

Electric heaters out, first time central heating in. This 100% free swap around will save our customer hundreds of pounds a year.

Air Source Heat Pump, Cardigan, West Wales

After fully insulating the property, we’ve installed a brand new Air Source Heat Pump System into this lovely detached bungalow in Cardigan, West Wales.

Internal Wall Insulation & First Time Central Heating  

One of our typical installs – Room-in-roof insulation followed by full first time gas central heating and boiler replacement.

An expensive to heat household gets transformed into a warm and cosy home.

Boiler replacement

Out with the old – in with the new! Free Worcester Bosch boiler replacement goes in, all handled seamlessly through CES’s more than capable hands.

Air Source Heat Pump

Green Hot! Air Source Heat Pump installation in Ceredigion.

Cavity Wall Insulation  

Cavity wall insulation can typically save a householder around £115 a year to their fuel bills and can reduce a homes carbon footprint by up to 610kg a year!

Boiler Replacement  

Leading up to Christmas 2019, this family home needed urgent help with their creaking, unreliable boiler. The place was Cold! CES came in and installed a brand new Worcester Bosch boiler which had to be as silent as possible due to its bedroom location. Watch out for the dolls!!!

First Time Central Heating

Pre-Pandemic First Time Central Heating installation in full effect, which was preceded by Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation.

Quarterley seminar – Q1/20

A brief glimpse of our first quarterly seminar of 2020. Our seminars are important to us! The message here was centred around reducing carbon emissions and fuel poverty.

Customer Testimonial #001

Customer testimonial leading up to Christmas 2019.

Customer Testimonial #002

Customer testimonial following installation of First Time Central Heating and Cavity Wall Insulation into their windswept coastal farmhouse.