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Welcome and thanks for choosing ProTECH Cover+

To keep things simple and easy to understand we don’t offer multiple products – some with bells and some with whistles. To avoid the confusing scenario of offering 14 different product plans, we don’t offer gold, silver or bronze service plans. We offer just one product and we’d like to think it’s fully platinum service for only £15.99 per month.

ProTech cover+ insures your boiler, radiators and taps, and has one unique selling point which can be summed up in one word – sludge! There you go, we’ve said it, we love sludge. But your boiler doesn’t.

A build up of sludge in a central heating system is usually the main reason why something will go wrong with it, and surprisingly all the other Home Care insurance policies, from other leading providers, don’t include sludge related damage. Ours does.

What is covered?

  • Annual Service
  • Boiler repair, including sealed flue, controls, all parts* and labour including damage caused by sludge
  • Boiler replacement if repair is impossible including damage caused by sludge
  • Thermostat repair or replacement
  • Central heating system repair or replacement if needed including radiators, pipes, valves, repair to taps and all internal plumbing

What is NOT covered?

  • Drains
  • Home electrics
  • Kitchen and gas appliances
  • Any external plumbing or pipes

So what is sludge?

Sludge, also known as magnetite, is the build-up of dirt and rust which builds up over time and gathers at the bottom of your radiators. If you have ever bled a radiator and the water that comes out is dark grey or black then that is a sign of sludge.

All of the leading providers’ insurance policies have a clause where if the damage to the boiler or central heating system is caused by the presence of sludge then the policy is not covered. See examples below.

This is not the case for ProTECH Cover+. When you take out a policy with us we carry out a system flush, ensuring the system is clear of sludge and we will then monitor your system remotely, making sure that we get to any potential problems before they even happen.

You won’t need to ring us, we’ll be ringing you!

Examples of leading providers’ sludge exclusions

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