Solar Power

As well as installing heating & insulation systems, we at CES also install solar panels for free to eligible customers.

The solar panels that we offer are 100% free, you will own the panels outright with no hidden costs from a 100% fully funded grant. This is not a Rent-a-Roof scheme!

With energy bills set to rise by 51% by April this year, there is no better time to apply for your FREE solar panels to off-set the expected extra price hike. Indeed, according to Octopus Energy’s CEO, Greg Jackson, a typical energy bill will rise by over a whopping 75% compared to April last year (2021).

When the [Government price] cap is updated, it’s likely a typical bill will rise over 75% compared to the same time last year. That’s another £60 a month: a huge burden for most homes.

Greg Jackson, CEO & Founder Octopus Energy

What is solar?

Solar panels are a clean renewable energy source that use daylight to provide electricity for your home. Installing solar panels in your home, allows you to generate your own renewable energy reducing your carbon footprint.

Solar panels are made out of photovoltaic (PV) cells that convert the sun’s energy into electricity. This is then passed through an inverter to convert it into an alternating current, which can be fed into the home they are attached to.

Solar cells do not need direct sunlight to work and you don’t have to live in an area with wall-to-wall sunshine to generate solar energy. Solar panels work even through clouds. This also applies to property location as with the latest technology available a home does not need to have a south facing roof. However, the more sunshine you get, the more energy you’ll generate.

The solar panel systems that we install are able to generate 2.4kWh and above, which can be used to power any of the electric devices around the home.

Qualifying criteria

There are four main qualifying criteria that are required to qualify for free solar panels.

  1. Be a homeowner
  2. Your house will need to have an EPC rating of either D, E, F or G.
  3. A combined gross annual household income under £30,000
  4. Be a resident of one of the following locations:
  • Gloucestershire
  • West of England (Bristol, Bath & NE Somerset and North Somerset)
  • Wiltshire
  • Dorset
  • The Solent area (Eastleigh District Council, Fareham District Council, Havant District Council, New Forest District Council, Portsmouth Council, Southampton Council and Isle of Wight Council)

Benefits of solar

environmentally friendly

solar panels create clean energy that won’t contribute to air pollution

reduce electric bills

the average household can save between £250 to £450 a year off their bills

increase property value

solar panels can increase the average property’s value by around 4.1%

protect against higher bills

protection from rising energy bills by producing your own electricity

Potential solar savings

  • With solar panels costing an average of £4,800, by having them installed for free through CES you’ll be instantly saving yourself that initial payout.
  • A typical household with a 2.8 kilowatt solar system can save up to £450 per year.
  • With energy prices increasing, using solar power will save you more money now than it has ever done in the past.
  • As important as saving money you’ll also be saving carbon emissions, through using clean energy provided by the sun.

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