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We are all very proud of our local areas and the country that we live in. Whether it be the Brecon Beacons, the Norfolk Broads or the Yorkshire Dales.

We hold dear the bees that buzz here and there pollinating our crops, the dolphins that race our fishing boats out at sea and the cod that goes so well with our chips and mushy peas on a Friday night!*

But we may need to find new figureheads in our local surroundings after these areas of outstanding natural beauty become vulnerable due to climate change, and important UK species become further endangered with the very realistic possibility of being completely wiped out because of huge Unnatural changes to their habitat.

We are all aware of the catastrophic recent wildfires in Australia, the previously unseen cyclones in South East Africa, the devastating floods in India, Nepal and Bangladesh, the droughts through Central America and in the Horn of Africa and the ferocious forest fires terrorising California in the US.

It is now accepted that these are all products of human manufactured climate change. Brought about by the burning of fossil fuels and releasing an abundance of poisonous gasses into the environment.

But it isn’t just in these far away places where we are seeing evidence of harmful effects of climate change.

In the Brecon Beacons National Park we are already seeing the upland bogs beginning to dry out increasing the likelihood of more grass and heath fires. In the Norfolk Broads increased flooding is devastating local wildlife and local residents. In the Yorkshire Moors we are witnessing peat bogs drying out releasing the carbon, stored within, back into the atmosphere.

These examples paired with others around the country, such as the cliff erosions in Norfolk, floods in Yorkshire, Somerset and the summer deluges throughout Wales with our precious moorlands going up in smoke are a stark warning that the repercussions of climate change are happening on our very own doorstep!

Our world is warming and the UK is no exception.

What can you do?

The simple answer is a lot! It is estimated by the Committee on Climate Change, the independent advisors to the government on building a low-carbon economy, that 40% of UK emissions come from households. This means our homes have an important part to play in reducing carbon emissions and helping to realise this country’s commitment to Net Zero emissions by 2050.

We all need to be doing our bit…

1 in 4 homes currently using oil heating, and 1 in 3 homes using electric heating could switch to a heat pump, saving 3.2 tonnes of CO2 per year and 0.8 tonnes of CO2 per year respectively.

By saving energy by using better insulation, the average household could reduce its emissions by 0.6 tonnes of CO2 per year. These measures could also save the average gas heated home £184 per year.

…and we can help you do your bit!

Call us now on 01792 721162, or fill out the form to the right, to ask us any questions or to see how we can help keep you warm and cosy, how we can help you save money on your fuel bills and reduce your carbon emissions to combat climate change.

*UK bees, the white-beaked dolphin and Atlantic cod are just three of the UK species which are currently endangered due to climate change.

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