Electric Storage Heaters

Storage heaters have been massively updated! Modern-day storage heaters are designed specifically to give you more control and to improve efficiency.

So, if you’re looking for an upgrade or for an alternative heating source, then you should consider the benefits of high heat retention storage heaters.

High heat retention storage heaters now allow you more control. Now with the ability to easily program and with more efficiency in the heaters themselves keeps costs low and allows you to go out during the day without worrying about wasted heat. As you can imagine, this simple addition has transformed the storage heater of the past, turning it into a cost-effective heating solution to fit around your lifestyle and making it much more efficient than it once was.

Now a more user-friendly version of the traditional storage heater, the high heat retention storage heater is a much more attractive way of heating your home. Your schedule does not have to be dictated by your heating and you still get that great value.

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